$ 100
Envydia fruity lip lightening gloss helps lighten hyper-pigmented lips caused by aging, smoking,sun damage & other harmful elements. Moisturize lips with rich oils & vitamins C & E.
A winning combination of organic products for a healthier, pinkier lips.

Direction:Scrub Lips with our lip exfoliating scrub daily,(comes with lip gloss) apply lip gloss as often as needed (3-5 times) so lips can stay moisturized at all times.It's super moisturizing that it last even while you sleep. Slight tingly sensation is normal within a few minutes of use. Stay away from direct sunlight or apply sunblock over it.

Not suitable for children. Continued use will ensure favorable results. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs.


How soon before I can see results?
You should feel the difference of moisturized, soft lips immediately. The lightening however depends on each user. You may experience peeling or shedding of dead skin cells prior to lip lightening. Some users noticed visible lightening after 2 weeks weeks, some takes longer. Consistency is the key & constant moisturizing.

How often do I need to use it to ensure results?
3-5 times a day, apply more for smokers, apply generously prior to going to bed. This Gloss is formulated to be gentle yet effective way to treat and lighten pigmented lips, therefore overnight results are not to be expected. You must continue to use until you see results.Its Advisable to use for atleast 90 Days for permanent results.

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