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Envydia Anti-Aging Kit Conducts Clinicals - 85% of users noticed improvements

Preliminary Report Clinical Trial of Envydia Anti-Aging Kit A recent clinical trial of Envydia Anti-Aging Kit, an advanced anti-aging cosmeceutical whose major active ingredient is derived from laboratory culture of adult human mesenchymal stem cells. ABSTRACT The Envydia Anti-aging kit is a two part anti-aging skincare system consisting of a serum and moisturizer cream. Based upon favorable results of a small pilot study (n=13) that demonstrated clinical efficacy of the novel active ingredient, a larger study (n=48) was conducted to assess clinical results and user satisfaction of a final product formulation prior to commercialization. Forty-four women and four men aged 30...

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Is the Envydia Anti Aging System the most advanced Anti-aging skin care product?

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Is the Envydia Anti Aging Kit : The most advanced Anti-aging skin care product? A simple google search of anti aging skin care products will reveal so many options that eventually will leave the average misinformed consumer with too many choices to make a decision.  From claims of instant results, nanoparticles, plant based stem cell products, dead sea sourced products to the latest in eye-catching packaging, there is an exponentially growing list of deceptive products to say the least abusing the terms 'stem cell", "anti-aging and other phrases associated with skin repair form exposure to sun damage and aging.  ...

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Become An Envydia Brand Partner and Make $$$$

As an Envydia Brand Partner, you can earn significant income by offering our innovative scientifically backed, skincare products and cosmetics to your family, friends, neighbors and other contacts.   We offer training, a personalized website, inventory and all the support to ensure your success in the multi billion dollar skincare/cosmetics business. We are not a multi-level-marketing (MLM) company.  No experience necessary and your geographical location is irrelevant.  People from all backgrounds are looking to reduce the signs of anti-aging, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, fight hyper pigmentation/sun damage and have better, healthier skin. Join the Envydia Brand Partner program today...

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Cytokines & Growth Factors in Envydia Anti-Aging System

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The Envydia Anti aging system is uniquely formulated to synergistically deliver a powerhouse of balanced clinical strength anti-inflammatory Stem CytokinesTM, protective antioxidants, potent peptides, and matrix proteins, utilizing nanotechnology and liposomal delivery. The addition of supplemental anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring, pro-regenerativecytokines (TGF beta-3 and IGF-1) makes Envydia Anti aging system the most scientifically advanced anti-aging skin care available. Benefits: Enhances Healing to Prevent, Slow and Reverse Aging Calms Redness Improves Skin Texture and Blotchiness Improves the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles     The skin is an intricate network of cells engaged in various levels of communication at all times. The most prevalent molecules responsible...

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