Envydia Anti-Aging Kit Conducts Clinicals - 85% of users noticed improvements

Preliminary Report Clinical Trial of Envydia Anti-Aging Kit

A recent clinical trial of Envydia Anti-Aging Kit, an advanced anti-aging cosmeceutical whose major active ingredient is derived from laboratory culture of adult human mesenchymal stem cells.


The Envydia Anti-aging kit is a two part anti-aging skincare system consisting of a serum and moisturizer cream. Based upon favorable results of a small pilot study (n=13) that demonstrated clinical efficacy of the novel active ingredient, a larger study (n=48) was conducted to assess clinical results and user satisfaction of a final product formulation prior to commercialization. Forty-four women and four men aged 30 to 75 participated for a period of four to five weeks. Following instructions provided to them, subjects applied Envydia Anti-Aging Kit to clean facial skin twice a day - in the morning and at bedtime. Participants were instructed to discontinue all other anti-aging products or moisturizers. Continued use of sun protection and cosmetics after application of Envydia Anti-Aging Kit was permitted. Subjects completed self-assessment questionnaires at the start and end of the trial and professional “before” and “after” high resolution photos were taken.

Twelve parameters of skin appearance were self-assessed including: tone, softness, redness, blotchiness, dryness, pore size, age spots, unevenness of color, brightness, texture, fine lines and coarse lines. Using the same visual criteria, a panel of two physicians and a licensed esthetician compared findings in before and after photographs. All subjects (100%) who returned questionnaires saw improvement in two or more criteria; 85% saw improvement in 6 or more criteria; 61% saw improvement in 9 or more criteria; 32% saw improvement in all 12 criteria. Professional evaluation of skin improvement using photographs generally tracked the self-assessment impressions. Subjects who were the most concerned with the condition of their skin before the trial were the ones who observed the most marked improvements. User satisfaction of the product was extremely high with less than 15% considering it “average” compared to other products.